Monday, 8 September 2014

DW - Group Music Video Evaluation

Star image: Band are shown and therefore present, however they are simultaneously absent through the use of a fast cutting rate in the style of a montage. The cutting rate increases in speed throughout the video, as to build tension towards the climatic point (the fight), and also distance the band with the audience more.
The band are shown to have aspects of Dyer’s star qualities, eg: youthfulness, rebellion, talent, anger, and a disregard for social values.
This image of the band is a constructed representation that echoes incoherence, leading the audience to try and complete their image through the process of continued consumption.
It is because of this that bands and artists are seen as commodities to the record label, as they are simply a tool to promote their work and lead the audience to consume more. Live performance is deemed to promise this completion; however it always leaves the audience wanting more, working to the record label’s favour.

Metanarrative: The strong relationship between the band is shown by the two sides of the fight. The connection between the two male band members on each side is taken from the original Black Keys videos, however as a group we added in a third female member to each band, as to stick to the original brief of having everyone featured in the video.
Having a fight feature in the video is also a common trait of The Black Keys, for example the ‘Tighten Up’ music video, as well as the light hearted approach to film making, for example the ‘Tighten Up’ video being set in a children’s playground.
There is an element of love featured in our section of the video, where the drummer of the ‘fake’ band is protecting his female manikin. This is again part of the light hearted atmosphere, but also represents the ‘Tighten Up’ video, where they fight over a woman.
We used the element of performance in our video as to recreate the majority of The Black Keys music videos. We tried to pick members of our group who looked most like the original band to play them in our section, as to create realism in our mock video.

During this exercise I developed my skills when it came to the filming and editing stage. As a group we were very conscious to film shots that would work well with the music, making sure it would be related to that section of the piece, and would time well. This mind set was also apparent in the editing stage, as we tried to match up cuts with the music wherever possible, and make sure the audio and video were properly synced where appropriate.

Moving forward onto the final practical task, I will make sure I am more prepared, knowing the track inside and out. Completing an animatic will also help us to identify whether shots need to be longer or shorter, as to match up with the audio, and we can plan accordingly from there, to make sure we have no complications in the shooting and editing stage.

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