Friday, 5 December 2014

DW - Progress Update

In my free time I went through our photoshoot and picked out the 7 best photos to use with our advertisement. 3 of Will and I together, and 2 each of us separately. This way we have some choice when it comes to editing.

I then made a start on the advertisement, after selecting an image. I cut out the people on photoshop using the quick selection tool, making sure to refine the edges and get a smooth cut out. I then created a new colour layer and went over the image reducing the blue reflection from the blue screen we used, to ensure that the picture looked professional.

In the next lesson and most of my free time, I took primary editing role. We have now complied a full take of performance, and I am going through overlaying the narrative export we made on Premiere, by cutting up the different sections and moving them about on our timeline.

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